Frequently Asked Questions

  • Select the Online Registration tab on right hand menu.
  • Create an account for your family (unless you already have one with us).
  • Choose program drop down In-Gym session (for classes in our gym) or Off-Site for classes at a school or day care.
  • Select More Details to see payment information for each class before you click on Enroll.
  • Follow prompts to add auto-pay information for ACH (monthly checking account draft). To complete online registration, you will need to use a credit/debit card for your first payment. Be sure to click Process Payment at end and that see the Completed Successfully.

You will receive an email confirming the specific class registered for. Please call us if you have any questions at 205.981.2720.

Class begins with a short warm-up and stretch. These exercises get blood flowing to the muscles, promote flexibility and build coordination. Running skills, jumping, positions and gymnastics terms are reviewed during the warm-up. The main time of the class is spent on skill work and progressions on the different apparatus. In a gymnastics class, skills will be covered for vault, tumbling, balance beam and bars. During each skill rotation, the instructor will work with the students on specific skills and the students will then rotate to stations the instructor has set up to review and work parts of the skills they are learning. The last five minutes of class students participate in a fun activity appropriate to their age. These fun activities help build positive relationships with the instructor and other students and often incorporate fitness goals.

For classes in the gym, girls usually wear leotards. T-shirts tucked into gym-style shorts or warm-up pants are also acceptable attire for both boys and girls. For classes in other locations/schools, some locations may allow students to change into gymnastics attire, but in many locations, the students wear their school clothes to gymnastics. Most school clothes are fine for gymnastics class as long as they allow the child to move and stretch comfortably. Bare feet or athletic shoes are recommended, no sock feet or stocking feet because of the risk of slipping on the mats or equipment. Long hair should be pulled away from the face and secured in a low ponytail.

Our target ratios for students per instructor are 7 to 8 for preschool classes and 8 to 9 for elementary classes. Classes may have more than 8 or 9 students, but then will be divided into groups by age or ability with an instructor assigned to each group. The maximum number we will take in a class depends on the amount of space we have available for the class. Some classes do not fill and have lower than the target number of students.
Each year in May we hold our annual exhibition for students and parents.  Information on exhibition is sent to students beginning in December and is also posted on the website.  It is optional, but Exhibition is one of the highlights of the year!
We allow students a risk-free trial class.  Contact us for available classes and we can set up a trial class for your child. (A waiver must be signed by a parent or legal guardian before trying the class.) If you enroll your child, you will pay for the trial class and future classes, if you decide it’s not what you are looking for, we will not charge you for the one class.
Students are selected for pre-team programs based on many factors including skill level, strength, desire, work ethic, flexibility and body awareness.  If your child is interested in the competitive programs, let the class instructor know.   We will work with you to help your child achieve the goal of joining one of our teams.
Many factors influence a child’s ability to learn gymnastics skills.  Strength, maturity, listening skills, flexibility, body awareness and other factors determine a student’s progress in class.  You can help your child with regular attendance in class, by encouraging active listening skills and by encouraging other fitness activities outside of class.  Keep in mind that all children learn at their own pace and learning at times comes in spurts when a child is able to put together all the necessary factors to accomplish a skill.
When students master one of the key skills for their class level, they will be awarded a ribbon.  We will take a photo of them with their ribbon and email it to the parent along with a “congratulations” email.  To master the skill, the student will be expected to know the correct name of the skill and be able to show the skill with correct form and technique consistently.

When students have completed all the ribbon skills for their class level and have mastered the remaining basic skills at their current level, they will be awarded an “all-around” ribbon and you will receive an email with information regarding the opportunity of moving to the next level of class.

A written notice by the 10th of the current month is required in order to stop charges for the following month. (Email notice is fine). Slots cannot be held for re-registering later.
A deposit is required to hold a reservation and it is non-refundable. Cancellations within 48 hours of reservation are billed 50% of remaining balance of the party plus any Add-ons. Cancellations within 24 hours or no-shows are billed at the full cost of party plus any Add-ons.

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